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Triangle Strong Side

Triangle Strong Side
All triangle sets are created with a sideline triangle.  When the ball is on the wing, the first option should always be to look for a pass into the post. The post on the strong side should look to make a strong post move or run an option to get another player open. In this blog I will talk about the pass to the strong side guard and pass to the strong side post.
Corner pass options
The 2 player passes to the corner and cuts through for a give and go pass from the 1. The 5 should look to slide up to the elbow to create more spacing. If the pass is not there, the 2 cuts opposite, and the 5 screens for the 1, running the pick and roll.
Diagram Z.png
The 2 or 1 player passes into the 5. The 1 and 2 cut around 5 with the passer cutting first. A hand-off from 5 can get the 1 or 2 an easy shot. If the 5 defender gets confused and commits more to helping stop the cutters, 5 player should fake a hand-off and make a strong move to the hoop.

High post-split
High Post Split.png
The high post-split involves three cutters. The 1 cuts baseline on the pass to 5. 2 splits 5 in the top seam into the lane, while 3 cuts inside and splits 5 on the low side. 5 can drop the pass off to any of the cutters, or make his/her own move. 4  will need to rotate up top as safety, and  to create spacing for the 2 to cut.
Wing Screens opposite
Screen opposite.png
After passing to the 5, 2 screens opposite for 4. 4 comes hard over the screen for a possible pass from the 5 and an elbow jump-shot and 1 cuts baseline. Coaches can make this a routine screen whenever a guard cuts into the top seam and does not receive the ball, he/she will then screen for the weakside post.
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