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Weak side/Strong side Rules

Weak side/Strong side Rules
Weak side Two-Man Game
The weak side “two-man game” is really important in the triangle offense. The weak side is usually set up by a pass from the wing back out to the top. If the wing pass to the post or corner is denied, the pass should go back to the 3 player at the top. The weak side option can start with an option off the pass to the weak side post, and 2 player comes off a ball screen and dribble from the top. If the pass to the post is being denied, he/she should ball screen for the 3 player at the top. There will be different options, but it’s a matter of reading and reacting to the defense.

Hand-off and drive

With the 3 defender trailing, offensive 3 player gets the hand-off and dribble-drives to the hoop.
Strong-side Two-Man game
There are several ways to set up the ball-side two-man game. The illustration reviews how1 passes to the 2 and cuts through for a possible give and go play. If 1 doesn't get the ball, he/she can cut out to the opposite corner, leaving a two-man option with the wing 2 and 5 in the low post. The dribble to the wing only happens when the 2 defender is denying the wing pass. The 2 player back-cuts and looks for a possible pass and layup. If 2 do not get the pass, he/she cuts to the opposite corner, again leaving a two-man setup for 1 and 5. We can get 4 in the post by having 5 screen for 4. This is a good option if 5 can't get open for the pass... instead he/she screens away for 4. 1 passes to the 2 and cuts to the opposite corner. Now we have the two-man set with 2 and 4.
Baseline cut and hand-off
With the 2 defender playing high (forcing baseline), Offensive 2 player cuts around the baseline side of the 5 player for a possible hand-off and layup.
Top seam cut and hand-off
The 2 defender is overplaying the baseline cut. Offensive 2 player cuts into the top seam around 5 player for a possible jump shot or layup.


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