Monday, November 28, 2016

Comparing 5:3:1 vs Sequential Method

These two methods, are completely different in my opinion. 5:3:1 is for raw strength building while the sequential method is a basic system of blocks for athletic training that most coaches use. Comparison of these methods will be difficult thing to do, due to their many differences.
The 5:3:1 method is extremely simple with a clear progression and recovery built in. 5:3:1 focuses on the basics, squat, bench, deadlift, and overhead press.2 It has volume sets in the form of assistant work that also has its benefits. Assistant work are not core lifts, but they strengthen the muscles used in the core lift. Being able to choose your assistant work, can be a pro and a con. If an athlete is not firmly grounded in how to balance out a program in a way that it beneficial to your goals, they don’t have much place in choosing assistance work.
Sequential method uses weeks of accumulation followed by weeks of intensifications. This provides greater frequency of unloading, which is more beneficial. Since this method does not progress that fast, it is great for mediocre lifters.1 Sequential method does not have any set core lifts or Olympic lifts that it focuses on. High level lifters are unsuccessful with this method due to its concentrated development that induces progression.
In conclusion, these methods both have their advantages for different level lifters and a variety of athletes. The main difference I saw between these methods is the addition of time intervals in the sequential method and lack of time in 5:3:1. The sequential method has a variety of intervals and tempo whereas 5:3:1 does not. 5:3:1 is for raw strength, and does not spend its time in different blocks of hypertrophy or power.
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