Sunday, November 27, 2016

Two-Man Strong Side

Two-Man Strong Side
In previous blogs, we have discussed different options when it comes to reading and reacting to the defense. We talked about reading the post defender, wing pass denial, reading weak side, and reading strong side. In this blog we will discuss more strong side two-man options.

Denial pass to the top.pngThe ball is in on the wing and the 2 hands, the low post is being denied, and the 3 defender is denying the pass to the top. The weakside post should recognize when the pass to the top is being denied. The 4 cuts to the ball side free throw line area to receive the pass from the 2. 3 reads her defender and back cuts around 4 player for a possible pass and lay-up. If the pass to the 3 is not there, 2 cuts around 4 for a possible hand-off With all the hand-off options going on, the 2 may have a layup, pull-up jump shot, a dump-pass to 5, or a kick-out pass to 3.  If the 4 does not hand-off to 2, 1 cuts around 4 for another possible hand-off option. The 4 may keep the ball and take an elbow jump shot. 1 could have a jump shot or a kick-out to 3. If the pass goes to the 3 on the opposite wing, it will establish a new sideline triangle on the left side.
Skip pass from trap.pngSkip Pass From Trap
The 5 player is caught in a double-team, with the double coming from the opposite wing defender. The skip pass to the opposite wing is the counter. The 1 cuts baseline, receives a screen from 4 and goes to the opposite corner. If the 4 defender switch that baseline screen, the 4 can post up the smaller 1 defender on the block. The extra pass from 3 to the 1 in the corner often results to a wide-open shot in the corner. Another option is the 2 have the ball reading their defender sagging inside to deny the post options. The 2 attacks the top seam with the dribble, or could possibly have a shot for the 3-point shot.  
Sagging dribble drive.png
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