Sunday, November 13, 2016

Head Man in Charge

Vince Lombardi, Tom Landry, Bill Parcel, Tony Dungy, Mike Tomlin, Nick Saban and Bill Belichick are a just a few of the greatest coaches in football to lead their team and organization to what every coach wants; a Championship. But being a Head Coach in football means more than just winning a championship at both the collegiate and professional level in football. Being a head coach in football is all about being a leader, communicator, teacher, being consistent, a builder, decision maker, and most importantly knowing how to handle adversity. Becoming a Head coach is a journey made by a special person. This blog will break down the keys, duties, responsibilities, qualities and what to expect as a head coach at both the collegiate and professional level of football.

Head Coach:
The head coach of a football team are not like the assistant coach that are responsible for one position. The head coach has the responsibility of the entire team and the direction of the entire program or organization. Along with the coordinator the head coach hires for his team; the head coach develops the game plan, evaluating players, meeting the local and national media, and the community they live in for fundraisers and booster clubs. Head coaches have to have the ability to work with people, mainly their assistant coaches. It’s important for the head coach to have great communication with his assistant coaches on everything that’s going on with the team. Along with the assistant coaches, having communication with his players is just as important. Head coach has to be able to get through with his players. Having to know them on a personal level and not just as a coach.

What to expect:
Being a head coach there is always both a positive and negative sides to the job. Those coaches who look forward to becoming a head coach one day should be aware that you will be wearing a number of different hats and have to own up to the responsibility when things are good and for sure when things go bad for your team. Seven things to consider when becoming a head coach is knowing that you can become unpopular by certain decision you make and how you handle them regardless if you feel it’s the best decision. Your players, parents, assistant coaches may be behind you at most times with your decisions but fans and people in the community may not agree with what you do and how you handle certain situations as a coach. Be ready to be questioned and your character challenged. Be ready for a different type of relationship with your players as well with your assistant coaches.
Top 10 qualities:
1-      Longevity
2-      Drive
3-      Creating togetherness
4-      Fairness
5-      Consistency
6-      Being a builder
7-      Making decisions and sticking with them
8-      The buck stops here
9-       Love your school
10-  Have class

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  1. Great job articulating the vast responsibilities of a head football coach Devon. I could'nt agree more about the importance of being a great communicator and the need to be a versatile communicator, i.e. able to effectively communicate with a wide variety of people from varying backgrounds. Leadership, the ability to lead, is another must have attribute of a head coach at all levels but especially at the elevated levels of competition (FBS and NFL) where the head coach is virtually the CEO of a major organization.