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Inside & Outside Zone

Image result for alex gibbs zone runIn the game of football, the run game is the most important part to the offense that starts up front with a strong offensive line and a patient yet powerful running back. The run game can help open up the pass game for an offense and also help create different play opportunities for the offense. In this blog on the offensive run game, the zone run both inside and out will be explained and examined on how to be successful with zone running.

Image result for alex gibbs zone runZone running can have many different variations with both inside and outside zone with aiming points by the lineman and running back. Inside zone aiming point is at the guards original position before the snap of the ball and outside zone aiming point is at the offensive tackle area. Zone blocking originates with blocking the first level of the defensive line. In zone blocking there are usually always a double team by the offensive lineman on the defensive lineman followed by working next level to the linebackers both play side and weak side of the ball.  This play can be effectively ran from any formation, but the best formation is a balanced formation with two TE or a FB offset weak for a cutback by the running back

Inside Zone:
Inside Zone is a run designed to be a no loss play for the offense. It’s on the running back to hit the hole with purpose. The number of double teams by the offensive line should create vertical running lanes and keep a consistent running game for the offense. The inside zone run usually ends up being a cut back play for the running back, but that will depend on the defensive line stunts. The running backs read on his block should be on the first down linemen outside the center (guard). The running back should then make his cut on the first linemen side of the line of scrimmage. If the linemen helmet is inside of his block then running back should run up field outside of him, but if his helmet goes outside, then running back should cut up field inside of him. Once the running back makes his read, the cut up field needs to be full speed hitting his decision with purpose.
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Outside Zone:
The outside zone run game is designed to be an off-tackle no loss play for the offense. It’s important to know that outside zone is NOT a “to the sideline” sweep, but is designed to cut up field at the line of scrimmage. Inside zone read for the running back is the second down linemen outside of the center (tackle). Running back should not focus on the leverage of the outside linebacker but the leverage of defensive of end the tackle is blocking. If helmet placement is placed outside of tackle, running back should look for next read inside of line of scrimmage for cut back. If helmet is placed inside of tackle, running back should stay with the run full speed up field outside of tack.

The outside and inside zone run should be blocked with the same technique and rules. The only difference is understanding covered lineman and uncovered lineman. Uncovered lineman must execute a wide reach block, similar to a “pull” block in order to help his covered play side teammate and work up to the linebacker. Covered lineman who receives help from an uncovered lineman teammate will rip through the man he is blocking, to work up knowing that his teammate now has his man to block.

Alex Gibbs Run Game Philosophy (zone play coaching points) 
Offensive Linemen Coach 
Denver Broncos 

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