Sunday, November 20, 2016

How Can We Give Back?

IMG_0554.JPGOne of the main reasons I want to go into Municipal Recreation is passion Community Centers have to give back to their residents. During the course of this semester, I had the opportunity to witness the graciousness of the children from the RDE community center during two separate donations.
WestAid is an organization that provides assistance to the residents of Southwest Tarrant County.2 They offer several services such as providing emergency food, monthly food assistance, holiday assistance, and local transportation.2
WestAid provides emergency food services to families seeking help “ due to a temporary crisis because of a job loss, theft of resources, illness, or other short-term crises.”2 Families seeking help have to provide a picture ID and a current utility bill to supply proof of address.2 These families have the choice to receive help from WestAid every month or every three months if they wish.
IMG_0555.JPGIndividuals seeking monthly food assistance are primarily over retired age, or disabled on a low fixed-income.2 During the months of November and December these families mentioned previously will receive additional food because of the holiday season.
Local transportation are limited as of right now offering gas vouchers through the Project Passage Program and “Bus Passes are currently under review.”2
Tori Leach, a Community Center Aide at the R.D. Evans Community Center, provided insight on what all the children in their After School Program have given thus far into the school year. This awesome program has been able to give 250 canned food items and 823 personal care items back to their community!1
While this blog focuses mostly on one Community Center in Fort Worth, Texas, there are many other awesome centers that are doing just the same. Continue to give back.

1Leach, T. (November 3, 2016). Personal Interview.

2West Aid. What We Offer.

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