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How to Read the Defense in Triangle?

How to Read the Defense in Triangle?

Defense is always the key to win games. Throughout this blog I will talk about different options that can happen throughout triangle offense. It is up to the defense to read and react. In this blog I will talk about runner or circle, clear out for wing, post being fronted full side, and lastly knowing how to pass out of the triangle offense.

“Runner” or “Circle”
The wing player can tell the 1 to clear out and run the baseline to the opposite corner by yelling runner or circle. The 2 and 5 play a two-man game with the 5 screen and rolling for 2 pick and roll.
“Clear”- clear out for wing
Clear out to wing.png
The 2 can call “Clear” or “C” to clear out the side, so he or she can take the 2 defender 1-on-1. The 1 cuts to opposite corner, and 5 moves to the opposite elbw, while 4 moves to the opposite wing.
Post Offense

A strong low post offense is a big part of this offense. The pass to the low post is always the first option. Now we will discuss low post options, and reacting to the post defense.
Post being full-fronted
Fronting lob.png
Here the 5 defender is full-fronting the post 5. If 4 stays high on the weakside, there often is no helpside defender. 5 pins 5 defender outside and 2 makes a lob pass to 5. We can also feed the post from the top. Diagram 9 shows 5 sealing the 5 defender as the pass goes to the top. A quick pass from 3 to 5 is another chance for a power lay-up. Diagram 10 shows a feed from the high post 4. Again, 5 seals the defender and gets the pass inside.
Avoiding the post double-team
Double Team.png
If the post player is getting double-teamed a lot, there are ways to avoid the trap. If the double-team comes from the opposite wing, 5 can move a little toward the short corner, as this is usually too far for the helpside defender to venture. If the trap comes from the opposite post, 5 can move up to toward the elbow, again too far away for the opposite post helpside defender.
Skip passing from the double-team
SKip pass.png

If the post player gets double-teamed by the opposite wing defender 3, a skip pass to the vacated wing is usually a good option. Notice how 1 cuts to the weakside corner (getting a screen from 4), while 3 spots up on the wing. The 4 defender will have difficulty covering both 3 and 1. And there will often be a mis-match in the low post with 4 being defended by 1. 3 can make the extra pass to a wide open 1 in the corner, or into the post mis-match.


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