Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Role of PE Teachers

In a previous blog, the topics discussed were the differences between physical education and physical activity. The responsibilities of a PE teacher include educating students while also motivating them to actively participate in class.  
Physical education classes are often not taken seriously by core subject teachers because they feel like essential learning does not take place in the gym. Roddel explained that learning does take place in the gym.2 I teach the students how to be safe while they learn how to play a game or sport that will engage their brains and their bodies.2 I teach them how to work together.2 Although students are not sitting in a desk to learn about math or science, topics like spacial awareness, personal safety, and rules of games are being learned. While the PE instructor is satisfying the responsibility of educating students, motivating students is the other responsibility that needs to be fulfilled as well.

After creating a lesson plan, a physical education teacher's responsibility is to motivate students to participate in prescribed activities.1 Participation is the most important part of PE. If a student is not moving around or engaged in the activity of choice then they essentially do not learn anything during that class. Every physical educator needs to possess the ability to get students excited about the lesson of the day because their grade is usually based heavily on their participation in class.
Educating and motivating students are the two main responsibilities of a physical educator. PE teachers engage their minds and bodies while motivating them to get active during the activities that are taught. Next to be discussed are ways to become a great physical education instructor.
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