Sunday, November 20, 2016

Optimum Performance Training

I have discussed in my previous blogs the importance of nutrition and having a balanced diet. However, if an individual wants to begin to reach the fitness goals they have set, they must also incorporate physical fitness into their daily routine. A great way for an individual to do this is to get a personal trainer. I discussed physical fitness in my first blog, however, I will now discuss the levels of fitness that a personal trainer will take a client through to properly train their bodies so they can reach their fitness goals. I believe the most effective way to teach a client is through the OPT model, also known as the Optimum Performance Training model.


The first level of the OPT model is the Stabilization phase. During this phase, the main focus is to increase the muscular endurance of an individual while also developing stability and coordination. This level also aims to increase flexibility, enhance postural control and enhance the stability of joints. The environment in which training is done is unstable, yet controllable.1 The workouts consist of high repetitions with lighter weight.
The second level of the OPT model is the Strength phase. This phase focuses on increasing prime mover strength while maintaining stabilization endurance. This phase includes three different levels of training. They are the strength endurance training phase, the hypertrophy training phase and the maximum strength training phase. Both the hypertrophy training phase and the maximum strength training phases are optional depending on the client’s fitness goals.2 During this phase, the workouts consists of supersets. Supersets are performed by first doing a traditional strength exercises in a stable environment followed by a stabilization exercise in a less stable, but controllable, environment.
Lastly, the final phase is the Power phase. During this level, a trainer will place emphasis on developing power and speed.1 This phase is implemented with the goals of increasing the rate of force production, enhancing neuromuscular efficiency and continuing to increase the prime mover strength. A client will be instructed to safely perform all exercises as fast as they can.
It is important to follow the Optimum Performance Training model so that a client can safely and effectively reach their fitness goals. By pairing this style of physical fitness with nutrition, an individual will be more successful in doing so.

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