Sunday, November 27, 2016

Holiday Feasts

Image result for thanksgivingSeveral Community Centers around Fort Worth are continuing to give back to their community while simultaneously jumping into the holiday spirit. Most of these are free or for very little cost at all.
Turkey Bingo is being offered Thursday November 17th, at the North Tri-Ethnic Community Center. “Participants will play bingo to win turkeys and baked goods for Thanksgiving dinner. Entry is free, and bingo cards cost 50 cents each.”1
A Thanksgiving lunch is being offered at the Southside Community Center on November 18th. This lunch is completely free to all friends and family of community members.1
There is a thanksgiving dinner being offered at Fire Station Community Center on November 18th and at Hillside Community Center on November 22nd. Both of these dinners are completely free for community members.1
Last, but most certainly not least, is the Senior Holiday Luncheon being put on by the R.D. Evans Community Center on December 2nd.1 Seniors are considered any persons ages 50 and over. The cost to attend this luncheon is $5 for community residents and $10 for non-residents.1
Image result for thanksgiving mealFor most of the events, an RSVP is required due to space limitations. Most of the meals previously mentioned, are catered by restaurants around the DFW area. If your after school program wanted to host a holiday lunch/dinner but did not want to cook everything in house, check the local news! In the DFW area the star-telegram covered local restaurants that cater during the holiday season. A few mentioned in the article are Dickey’s Smoked or Cajun Fried turkey meals.2 Other services such as Billy’s Oak Acres BBQ offering ham and prime ribs, The Classic at Roanoke has turkey and ham dinners to go, Mariposa’s Latin Kitchen offering thanksgiving turkey-and-dressing tamales, and so many more are listed.2 The article also includes side dishes and some delicious desserts offered around town.
Check out your local Community Centers for any holiday meal or activity they’re putting on this holiday season!

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