Sunday, November 13, 2016

Defensive Lineman

Bradley Moss
Kinesiology 5301
Defensive Lineman in Football
A closer look at the defensive lineman position
Picking up where we left off, the next position on the list is the defensive lineman. Defensive linemen can lineup in a couple of different ways. We will first look at the base 4-3 defense. In this defense the defensive lineman will line up from left to right as followed: left defensive end, left defensive tackle, right defensive tackle, and right defensive end. The next defense that we will take a closer look at is a base 3-4 defense. This defense lines up from left to right as followed: left defensive end, nose tackle and right defensive end.
The differences between the 4-3 and 3-4
1There is a couple of differences between the base 4-3 and the base 3-4. To start, like stated before in the previous paragraph, the number of defensive line and linebackers are different in each defense. In the 4-3 there are are 4 defensive line and 3 linebackers. In the the base 3-4 defense there are 3 defensive line and 4 linebackers. The other main difference in the defense, is the way the defenses are designed to get pressure on the other team's quarterback. In the base 4-3 defense, it is generally the defensive lineman's job to create pressure and get to the quarterback. While the linebacker are there to stop the run and protect against the passing. Now as for the base 3-4 defense, the defensive line doesn’t really create as much pressure. Their main responsibility is to occupy gaps so that the outside linebackers can run freely and get to the quarterback.
Relevant Statistics
2The following is the possible statistics that a defensive lineman can achieve in football.
Tackle: This is achieved when a defensive line tackles the ball carrier.
Sack: This stat is when the lineman tackles the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage
Force Fumble: When a defensive lineman strips the ball away from the the ball carrier before the ball carrier is considered down.
Fumble recovery: This can be achieved when the defensive lineman recovers a forced fumble.
Interception:( A very rare statistic for a defensive lineman) This can be achieve if a defensive lineman catches a pass thrown from the other team.



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