Monday, December 5, 2016


Throughout my own experiences, in my health and fitness journey, I have learned many things. In my previous blogs, I discussed the different physical aspects of fitness and nutrition. I then discussed the mental aspects of health and fitness. One thing that I believe is crucial through each of these aspects is positivity. Positivity can be defined as “the quality or state of being positive”. 2 Positivity is one of the most powerful things on this earth. The power of positivity pulls people out of darkness. It heals the brokenhearted. It shows those who have been beaten down, who feel there is no more to life, hope. I believe when people begin to work on their physical change, a mental change begins to occur as well. When positivity is implemented into everyday activities and working out, life seems to have a more sentimental and calm feel about it. It is because these changes are occurring.
To all the hardworking college students that are drinking coffee like water throughout the day to finish their essay by midnight, the ones that are struggling to pass their classes, picking up pennies to pay the bills… try implementing positivity into your life for one week. You will begin to see everything change. The trees seem a little greener, the sun slightly brighter and the small things that used to irritate your day aren’t quite so irritating. This is because when you begin to implement positivity, you begin to appreciate the little things and moments in your day.
Now try implementing positivity into your workouts. It will be different for every individual. For one, a quote written on a hand will give the motivation he needs to run that final mile. For another, it may be giving someone an encouraging word or high-five. Being kind to others is always a great way to add positivity into your life. It is contagious.
To truly live a happy, whole and healthy life, an individual must make an effort to develop and better themselves on a physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional level. I believe if an individual were to implement some form of positivity on every level, they would truly begin to see a change in their life.

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  1. I love the word positivity and you described it so well. I found this blog very inspirational and I know I already try to do some of these things, but reading it kind of helps it really sink in. Thank you!!

  2. So true! Everything worth having will require hard work, and most things come with obstacles. With a negative attitude small obstacles become mountains. With a positive attitude you'll see those obstacles as opportunities to overcome.

  3. I learned this lesson in Dr. Peak's class. As grad students we need to feel lucky and privileged that we get the opportunity to do graduate level work. Know matter what stress you have in your life you should always turn it in to a positive.

  4. Positivity is definitely key when it comes to being involved in the fitness world. It's so easy to get discourage when you don't see results right away, but having a positive influence can change how you see things tremendously.