Monday, December 5, 2016

Importance of Health and Fitness

As I continue to discuss health on all aspects of the spectrum in my blogs, I must address the rising problem of this nation's blindness to the importance of health and fitness. Food is purchased, while individuals have no idea what the label reads. Americans continue to indulge in food as we also grow larger and larger. Individuals are extremely uninformed on proper nutrition, while eighty percent of Americans do not get the exercise they need.2
A great analogy I have always used to help people to understand how food affects our body is this:
Compare a pile of vegetables, with their vibrant colors, to a pile of chicken fried steak with French fries and fried okra, which looks to be several shades of brown. Why would you want to pollute your body with the fried, unhealthy food when you know not only how it looks but also makes you feel?
If people would choose to take the time to plan and prepare their meals each week, it would lead them one step closer to a healthier lifestyle. On average, an American spends $151 on eating at restaurants per week.1 This is in addition to most of the package, but convenient, food they already purchase. Americans need to become more informed on what they should and should not put in their bodies. They need to step up and get healthy and active. If an individual were to meal prep, they could cut many unnecessary restaurant and food costs.
My solution is this problem is to make more of an effort to encourage our community and children to learn the importance of health and fitness in their lives. It is our job as aspiring health and fitness professionals to live by example and inform others on how to properly live a lifestyle that is happy, whole, and healthy.
1Jaslow, R. (2013.) CDC: 80 percent of American adults don’t get recommended exercise. CBSNews.
2Mendes, E. (2012.). Americans spend $151 a week on food; the high-income, $180. Gall-up.


  1. Food is my "love language"! I try to do my best when it comes to eating healthy. Reading your blogs has really helped me! Thank you!

  2. very interesting article. I'm shocked that on average we spend 151 dollars a week on eating out. That money adds up.