Friday, December 2, 2016


Research shows that 50 percent of people who start a new workout program drop out within six months.1 Why? They do not have any motivation to keep going! People see it as they HAVE to work out, which makes them not want to. When exercise is made to be fun and not as much as an expectation, then it is more likely to be done. Here are a few tips to stay motivated throughout your fitness journey:
  1. Set goals!2 Having a goal to work for and to achieve is motivational. Instead of setting goals like losing so many pounds a year or adding so much lean muscle mass a year, try setting goals that involve signing up for a 5k, half-marathon or a full marathon. This way you can train and get excited to run the race. This way you make exercising more fun and less serious.
  2. Make it a priority!2 Make time to go get a workout in, even if you have to wake up early. Instead of staying up late to watch your favorite late-night TV show, go to bed earlier and wake up more energized to work out!
  3. Schedule a regular workout time!2 Find a time throughout your day to work out and stick with it. Making things a routine will make it easier to stay motivated.
  4. Don’t let the weather stop you!2 Just because it’s not a perfect sunny and 75-degree kind of day, doesn’t mean you can’t take your workout indoors. There is always a way to complete your workout whether it is inside or outside.
  5. Don’t waste time!2 Make your workouts count. If you are limited on time do not just stand around and talk with friends. Go with a plan ready and get it done.
  6. Keep it simple!2 The more things get complicated the more likely you are to lose interest. Just because other people are doing the most complex workouts does not mean you have to. Keep your workouts simple for whatever suits you.
    Surround yourself with active people!2 If you are around people that just like to sit around and watch TV, guess what you are going to be tempted to do? Having people to work out with is one of the best ways to stay motivated. You will be able to have people there to keep you accountable for your workouts.
  8. Use social media!2 Some people see posting their workouts on social media, for their followers to see, a good way to stay accountable. You can even follow other fitness sites to keep you motivated!
  9. Mix it up!2 If you keep doing the same thing over and over, you are going to get bored and just go through the motions. Change up the trails you run on, or the exercises you perform. Make things more challenging and see how far you can push yourself.
  10. Reward yourself!2 What better way to reward yourself than with new gear? New workout tops or bottoms or even a new pair of shoes. When you look good, you train good. Or even putting new music on your playlist can motivate you.

You can do this! Try these motivational tips when you seem to be struggling. Push through and achieve those goals!

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  1. Very true read. Every point made in this blog is something I have experienced at one point or another. The examples given were good and overall the information was simple and easy to follow. One thing I would have added is listing examples of fun activities to do with friends such as sports you can play with small or big groups and adventure type activity. Great blog and something many people need to understand/apply.

  2. This is great! Motivation is crucial as you progress through a workout routine over months, years, etc. I have experienced this myself. Staying true to your workout regimen is the most difficult part, especially after you stop seeing results. Staying motivated is harder than actually working out at times, I have stayed true with a workout routine for months then became discouraged as I plateaued. Great read on how to stay motivated!

  3. Awesome! I'm definitely going to use this. As someone who exercises regularly, I still have a problem getting others to have the same motivation as I do. This will help me express how I stay motivated. Great blob!