Sunday, December 4, 2016

Don't Give Up!

Exercise can be a hard road, but it is so worth it! Today, physicians are almost reluctant to prescribe exercise as a form of getting well. However, there are hundreds of different types of medications out there for the same condition/disease and these prescriptions costs more than the average person can afford. This is especially the case if some patients are prescribed 17 different prescriptions for all the “conditions” that are wrong with them.
The answer is simple, one can get healthier with exercise and that does not cost an arm and a leg. Here are some ways that one can keep up with their exercise routine and not feel bad when they do not see immediate response:
  • Have a strong support system!2
    • The people who back you are and care for you are going to be the ones who will help you break through to be the person that you want to be!
  • Find a workout that works for you!
    • You know your body better than anyone else; use that as an advantage for your workout plan.
  • Continue to make exercise a priority in your life!1
    • Like stated in a previous blog, the extra steps will add up and they help. So, TAKE THOSE STAIRS!
  • Get involved with group exercise!
    • Not only is this a great support system, but with a group you can do and go on mini adventures that will not even feel like you are exercising at times.

Exercise can be done in a gym, outside at the park, with a trainer, in a clinic, or even in your living room. The trick is to just get back to the basics and work the muscles that need to be worked the most. It can be done and you can get yourself to a place where you feel well again!! And do not forget like the American College of Sports Medicine believes, “Exercise Is Medicine”.

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  1. This is great advice for individuals that are new to exercising and beginning to enter the fitness realm. I would also suggest purchasing a daily planner or diary to keep record of one's progress. Keeping record of that will help the individual grow and see that their hard work is indeed paying off because in the beginning it is extremely easy to quit and think they are not progressing or moving forward.