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NCAA DII Academic Eligibility

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In order for a student-athlete to be immediately eligible to compete at an NCAA Division II institution, the student-athlete must meet the following requirements based on their current status.

Incoming freshmen students must
  • graduate from high school,
  • complete 16 core courses,
    • 3 years of English,
    • 2 years of math (Algebra 1 or higher),
    • 2 years of natural or physical science (including one year of lab science if offered by high school),
    • 3 additional years of English, math, or natural or physical science,
    • 2 years of social science,
    • 4 additional years of English, math, natural or physical science, social science, foreign language, comparative religion, or philosophy,
  • earn at least a 2.0 GPA in the core courses,
  • earn a minimum SAT combined score of 820 or ACT sum score of 68, and
  • register in the NCAA Eligibility Center
    • submit high school transcripts
    • request amateurism certification.1

Four-year transfer students must
  • obtain permission to contact from their current institution,
  • must meet progress-toward-degree requirements (detailed below), and
  • must be released from their current institution.

Two-year transfer students must
  • obtain an associate’s degree from their current institution or,
  • meet two-year transfer regulations,
    • average 12 hours earned per full-time semester,
    • earn 6 hours of transferable English,
    • earn 3 hours of transferable math,
    • earn 3 hours of transferable natural or physical science,
    • have a minimum GPA of 2.2, and
  • be registered in the NCAA eligibility center,
    • submit all necessary documents,
    • request final amateurism.2
*there are some exceptions to these regulations depending on the student’s academic history, but these guidelines generally apply to most two-year transfers.*

Current student-athletes at the institution must meet progress-toward-degree requirements which include
  • earn at least 9 hours each semester,
    • if the student-athlete is a junior or senior the hours must be degree countable,
  • earn at least 24 hours within the full academic year (fall, spring, and summer),
    • if the student-athlete is a junior or senior the hours must be degree countable
  • remain in good academic standing at the current institution, and
  • maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0.2
*these regulations apply to all student-athletes with a few exceptions permitted for special circumstances.*

Student-athletes must meet these requirements in order to be immediately eligible for competition at their current institution. However, there are some exceptions that are allowed under special circumstances.


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