Monday, December 5, 2016


All in all this semester, I hope to have opened many eyes to the power of an afterschool program. Afterschool programs (sometimes called OST or Out-of-School Time) serve children and youth of all ages, and encompass a broad range of focus areas including academic support, mentoring, youth development, arts, and sports and recreation.”1

These afterschool programs, wherever you may choose to enroll your child, will more than likely have activities or lessons that will continue to expand your child’s mind even after the school bell rings. The lessons and activities may include but are not limited to sporting skills, the arts, science experiments and so many more. Afterschool programs are also an excellent way for your child’s social development to continue.

These programs, for the most part in community based centers, are designed to be affordable for the majority of  families. If you are in search for an afterschool program near you ask other parents/grandparents/guardians where there children go after school while they are still working.2 If you cannot find a program near you, do not fret! “Many afterschool programs have been created by residents and parents in partnership with schools, organizations and other concerned individuals.”2 Anyone has the power to start up one of these awesome programs, why not you?

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