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Strong Side Post in Triangle Offense

Strong Side Post In Triangle Offense

One of the most basic strengths of the Triangle is the Post offense and their ability to isolate and go one-on-one. The sideline triangle alignment helps produce a series of quick hitting post split options that will create open and easy shots against any team that is not ready and prepared to defend post splits.

Post split actions.png
Post Split: The basic option of the sideline triangle is to post split. The wing feeds the post and the 5 post player makes a baseline cut to the basket for a shot. The 1 player uses the 3 player as a moving screen, and cuts tight off the 3 over the top of the post for shot. If 1 is not open for a shot, the 1 can continue out and set a screen for the 2 at the top of the circle.

Post plit with Screen.gif
Post Split with Screen: After a guard passes the ball to the post, the 3 player sets a down screen for the 1 player in the corner and rolls to the basket. The post then has the options of passing to 1 coming off the 3 down screen or can feed the 3 rolling to the basket off the down screen, or the post can make a post move to create a shot.
Dribble Clear Entry.png
Dribble Clear Entry: The 1 player has the option of dribbling the wing through to initiate the solo cut series. The point dribbles towards the 3, the 3 back cuts to the basket looking for a feed from the 1. If 3 does not receive a pass from the 1, 3 clears out to the weakside corner, and 1 looks to feed post for a wing/post solo cut action. The 1 player also has the option of passing to the wing and clearing out to the weakside corner to initiate the solo cute series. The wing can initiate the two person game simply by feeding and cutting off the low post.
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