Sunday, December 4, 2016

South African Discus Drill

In the previous blogs, we have discussed the beginning stages of the discus throw.  In this blog, we will address the South African discus drill. The drill is popular for throwers of all experience levels.  The purpose of the South African drill is to ensure the athlete feels the speed from the back of the ring, and they use their left arm to block at the end of the throw.  The drill also helps the athlete get across the ring quickly. Coach Matthew Harsha provides a breakdown of the drill for throwers.

South African Throw1:
  • The thrower faces the front of the ring.
  • The left foot is inside the ring facing the 5 o’clock position (the back of the ring is 12 o’clock)
  • The right foot remains outside of the ring.
  • The athlete will reach their right arm back behind their right hip.
  • The athlete will push off the left foot, and kick the right foot around.
  • Coaches want to make sure the athlete is moving in a straight line.
  • When the right foot hits the ground, the athlete will continue to turn while the athlete completes the reverse pivot.
  • The left leg will be planted at the front of the ring.
  • The athlete will then throw the discus from the power position.


1Harsha, M. (n.d.). Discus Training Progression. In National Throws Coaches Association. Retrieved from

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