Sunday, December 4, 2016

Competitive Dance

By the looks of it, competitive dance, studio dance and high school dance are the exact same thing. However,  when you take a deeper look, you can see the difference. Dance has soared to the forefront of people's lives with shows like Dance Moms, Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance.These shows are only displaying what dance may seem to be, but not what is actually behind the scenes.1

Competitive dance starts at the age of 5 and even goes to adult categories that are 19 years old and beyond. Team ages are based on the average age of the team. This is so a team of 18 year olds don't compete against a team of 11 year olds.

Competitive teams spend hour after hour practicing for competition. Where I teach, at Stephenville Dance Center, we have two competition teams including Senior team and Junior team. Each team practices only one hour a week on their competition dances but are required to take ballet technique on Mondays for an hour and a half. They also are all in, but not required to take, contemporary, jazz and tap to improve themselves and more importantly as a team.

Judge Book Clog Good.jpgCompetition teams are there to compete but not always to win. They are there to receive feedback from the panel of judges they dance in front of. The feedback from the judges is what keeps a team going and gives them the means to improve, not the trophies.1

Dance competitions are scored in two categories, artistic presentation and technical ability, both of these main categories, include multiple sub categories, which also have their own sub categories. In the artistic presentation categories, the main sub categories are choreography, appearance and music. Under technical ability there are sub categories such as difficulty, formations and execution.2

One team could have the reputation of being the best but that team could be off, not dancing their best and not smiling, and get last place. Judges score on the day they compete, not on reputation.2

Competitive dance is different from the amature dancer that only dances one time a week and in the end of year show. Competitions are the hardest, and most sought out team to be on.

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