Sunday, December 4, 2016

Powerful Game

Image result for power run game in footballThe passing game in football can become very important when it’s time to lead a team down the field when the game is on the line.  But for this passing game to open up throughout the game. A strong running game must be imputed into an offense. In the last blog written; the zone run game was examined and explained on how to be successful in both inside and outside zone running. Many coaches at all levels of football, can agree that their favorite play can mostly likely be “power”. The power run game offers a hammering and physical answer towards any defensive scheme that will also set up a nice play action opportunities for offenses throughout the game.
Image result for power run game in footballZone running can also be emphasized on a physical scheme that focuses on doubling up on defensive linemen and making linebackers make tough decisions, but the power run game includes both a double team and a lead blocker coming to blow up a linebacker for the running back. In power run, the double team happens at the point of attack that is meant to drive the defensive linemen off the ball. Power is the best way to set up play action because it helps create gaps at the point of attack and can trigger the defense to respond to the run in a quicker reaction that throws them off.
POWER 3 Main Elements:
1)      A double team at the point of attack
2)      Kick out block of the end man of the line of scrimmage
3)      Lead block through the resulting hole

Rules and responsibilities:

The playside linmen should first check their inside gap, then look to see if a defender is lined up across from them. If not then they will block a backside linebacker. The goal of this is to help create at least one double team block to the playside of the ball. The center should step backside to stop any penetration by the defensive line. Backside guard of the play is known as the wrapper, which will wrap around to be the lead blocker for the running back. He will block the first unblocked defender who appears infront of him. The read for the running back could be taught to read the playside gaps for running lanes. The key is for the running back to understand patience and let the play develop and not be too fast through the mesh.

The power run game can be very effective that starts upfront with the offensive linemen to be as aggressive and physical against the defensive linemen as they could. Aggressive approach and patience from the running back for the play to develop is the key for the power to be successful.

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