Sunday, December 4, 2016

NFL Season

Bradley Moss
Kinesiology 5301
NFL Season
The past nine blogs we have taking a in depth look at all the various positions in football. Now that the reader has a better understanding of these positions, we will now take a look at  how an NFL season works. This way the reader can understand the game from the preseason all the way to the super bowl.
Season Length
A typical NFL season begins with the preseason. In this preseason, each team will play 4 other teams. During this 4 game stretch a team will figure out who will make the roster. Also in this 4 game stretch it is worth noting that these games do not count when heading into the regular season. After the preseason each team will enter the regular season. During regular season games each team will play 16 games in 17 weeks. The one week that the team does not play is recognized as that team's bye week. After  the 17 weeks in play the top 6 teams with the best records in each conference will make the playoffs. The top 2 teams in each conference will get a bye. The playoffs work as a single elimination tournament until their is only 2 teams left, one in each conference. After the playoffs get down to two teams, the final game that is played is called the super bowl. The winner of the Superbowl is considered the super bowl champions. After the game the winner will receive the Vince Lombardi trophy as their reward for winning. The best player of that game will also receive a super bowl MVP trophy.
Conferences and Divisions
Now that we have discussed how a NFL season takes place from beginning to end will take a look at how the teams are broken down. To begin with, there are a total of 32 teams in the NFL. These 32 teams are broken down into two conferences. The two conferences are called the NFC and AFC. Each conference has a total of 16 teams. Breaking down even further each conference has 4 divisions. The divisions are broken down as follows: AFC north, south, east, and west. The NFC is broken down into north, south, east and west as well. There are 4 teams in each division. For the most part, teams are placed in the division where they are located geographically on the United States Map. Now that you have an understanding of how the teams are broken down I'll discuss how these teams make the playoffs more specifically. For example let's look at the NFC. Each division winner (the team with the best record in their division) will make the playoffs. The top 2 division winners (the top 2 teams are the division winners with the best record) will receive a bye. The other 2 teams will play a wild card team. The wild card teams are the next 2 teams with the best record that are not division winners. The AFC works the same way.



  1. I like how this blog is simply explained so thoroughly that even someone that had no idea what football was, would be able to understand how the season, conferences, and divisions works. You talked about how teams utilize preseason games and how they do not count towards the regular season. You touched on how every team has a bye week during the regular season. This blog was written with the reader's perspective in mind. Great work man!

  2. As an avid football fan, I did enjoy reading this blog. This blog was in fact written with the reader's perspective in mind and I think it touched on every component of the NFL season from start to finish! I also like that you touched on the awards for the champion team and the MVP. Nice touch. This blog would be very helpful for a reader wanting to understand the concept of an NFL season. Nice job!