Sunday, June 26, 2016

Wolfe Workout Planner Maximum Strength

Wolfe Workout Planner Maximum Strength
        When you are 80 years old would you want to be able to pick up your grandkids, help you sons or daughters move large objects from their old house to their new house, or put your heavy chest of collectables back into your attic after showing it to friends? I think everyone’s answer to this question is yes, but we may not always know how to do this. Throughout our life we are lifting things heavy and everyone has heard it said that as you become older you lose strength.2 In the fitness world we call this regression and throughout this planner we plan to fight back against regression by training our maximum strength.2 This phase will help us lift heavy objects, pull heavy boxes, and push heavy loads. These are all things that everyone must do at some point in time in their life. The more we develop our maximum strength the longer our strength will stay with us over time.1
We will develop our maximum strength by recruiting more motor units, increasing our rate of force production, and increases our motor unit synchronization.1 Recruiting more motor units is increasing the amount of muscles used to overcome a force.1 We will do this by completing large muscle group exercises that stress multiple parts of the body such as the deadlift. The rate of force production is the ability of a muscle to exert it maximal force during an exercise. This can be seen as carrying a heavy box up the stairs or doing a vertical jump onto a high box. Increasing our motor unit synchronization is the ability of our muscles to work together not only to overcome a large force but also exert our maximum strength during a movement.1 This can be seen as throwing a heavy medicine ball overhead or tossing a heavy bag of cement to a partner in the bed of a trailer. If you have not already suspected, this phase will also promote our muscular power along with our lifelong maximum strength. If you are still determined to pick up your grandkids, help with moving, and show off your heavy chest of collectables at the ripe age of 80 make sure to take advantage of the Maximum Strength Phase.

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