Thursday, June 16, 2016

Weight Training For Injury Prevention


      In blog 6 (, I discussed the importance of building a good base in order to prevent injury. I also offered a few key assets to building a good base which included, repetition in workouts and workouts that would generally be featured in an offseason workout for base building as far as running is involved. This blog, I’m going to discuss the reasons why weight training is necessary and how it aids injury prevention.

In every offseason program, weight room training is incorporated. Regardless of the sport and/or activity, weight training is a huge asset.

                                              How Does Lifting Weights Prevent Injury?

1. Fights Osteoporosis: As we get older, our muscle mass deteriorates. Weight training helps slow down the process of losing muscle mass.

2. Makes Movements Easier: Lifting weights improves body awareness. This means that once your muscles are used to resistance, natural movements will be effortless.

3. Better Heart Health: We all know how important heart health is to athletes. But athletes are just like everyone else who’s physically active as far as heart health goes. A bad heart can cause death and/or strokes.

4. Prevents Back Pain: Back pain = back tension. Muscles work together to make up a kinetic chain formed by muscle recruitment. If your lower back is hurt, your hamstrings will have to compensate for it. If back tension is not resolved, it can lead to a pulled muscle or an injury from improper movement and/or for while active.

5. Improved Balance: The stronger your stabilizer muscles are, the better your balance will be. The better your balance is, the less likely you are to negate from proper technique, fall, roll an ankle, or miss a step.

All these injuries that are negated by strengthening your muscles, are different injuries that have been frequent while competing in sports or participating in physical activities.

I personally, have experienced many more injuries during the two track & field seasons where I did not do offseason with the team. This year, I did not do offseason at all and I ended up hurting my hamstring the very first track meet. From this, I’ve learned how important weight training is to prepare your body for physical activities.


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  1. Nice post I enjoyed how you broke down some of the benefits of weight training in a simple understandable way. I hope you include another article with more benefits. Nice work.

  2. In high school, I never did weight training, I always believed the myth that "girls would get too bulky". Once I started weight training in college, I noticed a huge difference. This article is very benefical and helps people see that weight training is good for everyone!

  3. Nice Blog- very informative on the benefits of weight training.