Thursday, June 2, 2016

How Strength Coaches Impact High School Programs Pt.3

              In previous blogs we discussed how strength coaches can have an impact on athletes in a high school program,(click here), as well as, the impact strength coaches have on the athletic department of a high school program, (click here). In this blog, we will discuss the impact a strength coach can have on the whole school and the community.
Impacting the school
               Having a strength and conditioning professional who takes pride in their program, its facilities, and overall safety is beneficial for the entire school. This can potentially open the doors for non-athletes to participate in weight training classes and start implementing aspects of a healthy lifestyle as early as 14 years old.
20050930-093017-pic-248762855.jpg In athletics, the strength coach is usually the only coach that interacts with nearly every player on a given team, every day.2 In hopes of instilling characteristics such as discipline, work ethic, attention to detail, perseverance, mental toughness, and accountability. These character traits can go far beyond the weight room or competition field, they have the potential to change lives.2  Which is why athletes, sport coaches, and athletic trainer aren’t the only ones that will benefit from a strength and conditional professional. The character traits that most strength strive to teach in the weight room shouldn’t be just for athletes, these are all vital traits that every teenager will need as they progress through high school, college, and into their adulthood.
ms%20weight%20lifters.jpg                A strength and conditioning program gives athletes, non-athletes, and staff something else to be excited about for their school. This excitement has the possibility to affect local junior high schools by letting the strength coach collaborate with the PE teachers in hope of developing motor skills, movement patterns, and promoting healthy lifestyles well before they reach high school.1 By getting the parents and kids who are not in high school yet excited about the strength and conditioning program, does a great deal for community support.
Other incentives
·         Non-athlete classes
·         Mixed classes
·         Health related classes
·         Weightlifting/powerlifting teams

               The implementation of a strength and conditioning professional will not fix every issue in the athletic program or the school. Furthermore, the strength coach has the ability to make an immediate and long lasting impact on the student athlete, athletic department, school, and community. By improving performance, ensuring safety, decreasing risk of injury, and positively influencing young lives.
1Created, & Harris, B. (2016). SPN & Teambuilr Webinar: Ryan Faer - how strength coaches can have a true impact on a high school program. Retrieved May 29, 2016, from
2Ryan_Faer. (2015, November 23). Why high schools need strength & conditioning professionals — part II. Retrieved May 29, 2016, from


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  2. Its amazing how deep the roots of a good S&C program can go. Good blog, Ron Mckeefry in his CEO Strength Coach book states that the influence a S&C coach can have on an entire community is boundless. It all depends on how much you want to be a force in the community, and help everyone out. Good to see others thinking this way.

  3. I like the idea of getting non athletes involved into strength and conditioning. That is so important and great to see in today's youth considering most of the time it is completely opposite