Friday, April 10, 2015

The Swing

In a previous post I discussed the proper take off in pole vault, the next stage of the vault is the swing. To perform, start the swing, the take off must be nice and tall with the trail leg straight and long slightly long behind the vauter, with the opposite knee up bent in a 90 degree angle forming a “C” shape with their body. The vaulter will then begin to feel a stretch through their latissimus dorsi as they row their hands down while swinging their back leg through to their hands. For this to happen the vaulter must drop their shoulders back so that they will be upside down while holding on to the pole. The vaulter will then curl both their knees to their chest and then this begins the fly away stage of the vault.
It may sound complicated but with practice it will become a natural part of the jump. The main things to keep in mind to simplify the jump are:
  1. Long trail leg
  2. Swing feet to the hands
  3. Image result for <not a copyright image> pole vaultDrop shoulders back
Doing pole vault drills such as Bubka’s which I have also mentioned in previous post is a good way to practice the swing phase without leaving the ground. Lots of repetitions is the only way to get the swing down properly and once it has been perfected the vaulter is almost limitless on how high he or she can jump.

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