Thursday, April 23, 2015

Finishing Strong

When the end is coming close, it is important to keep pushing and finish as strong as you started.  Whether it’s at work or on the field, people are respected the most who put in their full amount of effort all the way to the end.  In a sports game, the winning team that starts slacking off at the end of the game could possibly end up losing the game. I recently watched a video in which a long distance runner began to celebrate before the finish line not realizing that another runner was quickly closing the gap behind him.  That runner was able to pass him right at the finish line and win the race.  Here are some ideas and recommendations to help you finish strong!
When it comes down to the end, the primary reason for not finishing strong is the lack of motivation. Along with this lack of motivation is typically a set of excuses that go along with it.1 When the end is so close it seems as though it may be easy to just sit back and slide completing your task, but without much satisfaction.  Those who are constantly at the top are the ones one give 110% for the entire time and finish strong.
In everyday life people also need to work on finishing strong.  People need to find what motivates them as use that to help power yourself to the finish. It seems that we simply don’t understand how to identify and harness those special inner passions that have the power to transform our lives.1 Some people will find this passion in sports where they are able to work on improving their skills for competition.   Then when it comes time for the big game or tournament you will be prepared to pay hard and finish hard.  If your playoff preparations are extensive and thorough, you will surely get your share of the breaks.2  With this being said, put in your time and effort, work hard, and the rest will fall where it should.

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