Friday, April 24, 2015

Healthy Meals for the Stay at Home Mom’s

Staying fit is an extremely important part for mothers to stay healthy but the other fifty percent of health is the diet that a mom eats everyday. Having a good diet helps prevent all kinds of health issues like high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and the list goes on and on. Keeping the balance of different kinds of food will keep from getting bored with certain things and making it fun to create something new with all the different recipes out there. Or as its known to have your plate full of different colors instead of all one color.
    Its very tempting for a mom to stop for fast food since its quick and most moms are extremely busy with errands, and practices to and from school. Fast food is extremely high in calories and preservatives that should be avoided. The quick snacks, food, and drinks that most people pick up on a daily basis is actually the worst for your body.. The best things would be fruit or meal prep for the day.
The four main components of a meal should consist of:   Vegetables & Fruits- are very high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. These can be eaten either raw or cooked which makes these very versatile to eat. Its recommended to have at least five servings a day.
     Meats- This is a very important part of a diet because meats are full of fats, proteins, and iron. This could include anything from chicken, cow, pig and even sometimes sheep.

   Grains- Would include beans, rice, rye, and wheat. These contain a carbohydrate that is used to for energy to burn.

  Water- This is vital to keep your body hydrated and a person needs six glasses of water a day to stay hydrated.
There are many more types of food that are good for a mom in an everyday diet. Instead of eating the junk that provided from fast food or things like chips. Sodas are also awful and full of sugar that the body does not need.
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  1. It's very interesting to see what each food group does for your body. It makes me want to make sure I'm balancing all of these groups so that when I exercise I am getting all of the nutrients I need to stay active and healthy. This is a great reminder to everyone in a hurry, not just for moms. Fast food may be easier but it's not the best alternative for a healthy lifestyle.

  2. Interesting article about nutrition. I see this trind a lot with my clients. Most of the unhealthy foods in life are man made and produced. The healthy options are usually non manufactured and one or few ingredients. Always a great thing to eat a well balanced meal.