Friday, April 17, 2015

On the Go for Stay at Home Moms

Being on the go can make it very hard for a mom to have time to get to exercise on a daily basis. A lot of mom’s are busy shuffling around kids to school and back, to practices, then dinner, and homework and so forth. Even taking a family vacation can be difficult for exercising, but finding some exercises that are quick and that can be done on the go can make a huge difference in someones life.
Several key exercises to target multiple muscles would include:
  • Full Body Squat- this exercise is the same concept as doing squats with a forty-five pound bar with weights on each side. Keeping your feet shoulder width apart and squatting all the way down like you’re sitting in a chair. Making sure to keep your back straight the whole time. Adding a weight or something heavy to hold in the front is something else that can be done as well.
  • Planks- start by laying on your stomach and then getting up on your toes and elbows and hold that position for thirty to sixty seconds and do this at least three to five times. Make sure that your back stays flat and level with your body and to pull in your stomach towards your back.
  • Jumping Jacks- this exercise is when a person begins to jump to a position that the legs and arms are spread out and then a person jumps back to the starting position.
  • Tricep Dips- these can be done off a table or a bench, depending on where you are. Just sit with the back against the table, put your hands on the table behind you, and then put your legs straight out in front of you. Then push up with your arms, lifting your buttocks, keeping your legs straight and staying on the heels of your foot.

There are so many more exercises that can be done that can target all areas at once or certain specific areas. It does not matter how busy a mom may be there is always time or a way to get a workout in. Sometimes it can’t be a  good hour long cardio session mixed with strength training,  but getting a workout in that day still gives you the benefits that exercising gives.

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  1. I think these are great exercise tips for people without kids, also. I'm always on the go so I find it hard to workout for long periods of time. I think with these helpful hints, I can continue my fitness goals without having to sacrifice too much time from my other obligations. The thing that interests me the most about these tips are that they are virtually "FREE" to do. You don't have to own a gym membership or even leave home to do them. Many people could benefit from them just based on that factor.