Friday, April 24, 2015

Back to Fitness Basics: Pay Your Fitness Forward

Congratulations, you did it! If you have been taking part in the previous blogs in this “Back to Fitness Basics” series, you have successfully made a healthy lifestyle change. You have found a true motivation to stay fit for yourself, and you have learned how to shop healthy and lift properly. You have come very far since you started your health journey. Now I have one more challenge for you today. Your last challenge is to simply pay it forward. Remind yourself of the great reward you achieved with your health by simply making a lifestyle change. Think of someone, somewhere in your own life that could use someone like you to help them become healthier.

Think back to the beginning of your health journey. Together we worked on the “how” to get fit, but in the beginning, you had to establish a “why”. Think of that same reason that drove you to want a lifestyle change, and tell your story to others! “You need to know the powerful emotional reasons why someone cares about fitness in the first place before you can get to the how. I call this discovering the “emotional relevance of exercise.” 1.
Another great way to motivate others in your life is to simply live your new healthy lifestyle and let others see the results of your healthy change. Along with leading by example, try expressing how this healthy lifestyle  has changed you in ways that cannot be seen on the surface. “The “real” reason people hold back from change is usually fear of losing something important or exposing themselves to danger. That something important can be anything from the simple pleasure of doing something they enjoy (like eating a bag of chips while sitting on the couch and watching TV) to some deep psychological need to stay overweight and avoid the risks of being socially or sexually active.” 2.
Love your new healthy self and show others the importance of having a healthy lifestyle. There is someone, somewhere in your life, who may need this change in their life. Be that positive influence that they need and encourage them to make that first step. Remember why you made your health journey and pay your fitness forward!

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