Friday, April 10, 2015

Back to Fitness Basics: Staying Motivated

By this point in your health journey, you may be experiencing difficulty staying on track of your health and fitness goals. Finding ways of continuing your journey and keeping your focus are going to help you accomplish your health and fitness goals.
As with the first Back to Fitness Basics series that dealt with goal setting, now would be a good time to look at those same goals you have previously made to motivate yourself. Remember why you started to workout in the first place? For some it may be for a friend or loved one that wants them to become healthier. For others it could be more self driven. “Try focusing instead on reasons for exercising that genuinely make you feel good about yourself, like wanting to get stronger or to test your own limits. That’s the kind of stuff that will help you power through when your abs are shaking and you’re pretty sure you can feel your heart in your esophagus.” 1
Using an incentive as a self reward can be very rewarding. Try setting a goal for yourself in the near future as motivation, such as a big summer vacation or a high school reunion that you want to look in top physical shape for. Having a short term goal to focus on can keep you motivated on your health journey.
One more very good method to use is to physically see how far you have come since you started your health journey. A good way to do this is to simply take a picture of yourself now and compare it to pictures before your health journey. “If you're more intrinsically motivated, take photos of yourself regularly so you can compare them and see the results. When you do notice changes, take a moment to reflect and bask in the glory. Allow your success to motivate you to future changes!”2
Staying reminded of your short term goals is vital to staying motivated in your health and fitness journey. Keep reminding yourself why you started, and why you must continue to persevere. Nothing worth having in life is easy, so stay motivated on your health and fitness journey and never give up! Finish strong!

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  1. Staying motivated is a big key in being fit. I agree with nothing worth in life is easy. You have to continuosly work hard and having motivation to do that is so important, or else we would all just give up.