Friday, March 20, 2015

The Best Ballpark

With spring upon us, that means one thing. It’s time for baseball to get started. This year opening day is April 6th, with the first game being the St. Louis Cardinals vs. the Chicago Cubs. You can bet, this will be a great season as everybody is ready for America’s favorite pass time,  from the players, fans, and those in charge of taking care of the field.

With the season among us families are going to start making vacation plans to visit different stadiums. What is the best stadium to visit though?  Is it the newly opened stadiums such as Marlins park, Target Field, or Citi Field? Or is it the stadiums that you'll experience the pure love of the game and tradition like you would find at Fenway or Yankee Stadium?
When ranking the ball parks it is subject to ones own personal opinion. I have personally been able to visit five major league parks and I have got to say that by far St. Louis’ Busch stadium would be my favorite.  It is filled with tradition,  has fantastic views of the field, and captures what baseball is all about. As for the rest of the fields I would order them next with Texas’ Globe Life Park, Houston’s Minute Maid Park, Cincinnati's Great American Ballpark, and lastly Tampa Bay’s Tropicana Field.

Others obviously have varying opinions on the best places to watch a game at, such as the following links. In the article mlb power rankings the best and worst mlb stadiums1 Nathan Palatsky talks about Angel stadium in Anaheim being his favorite as this is where he grew up and he likes that the ballpark has attractions for both parents and adults. As you can see some fans attend simply to route on the  home favorites, some keep it strictly like the atmosphere and tradition and others like the amenities and food. Hopefully you will be able to use these reviews to your benefit and select the best place to see a ball game this summer with your friends and family.


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  1. I know from my experience attending MLB games, stadiums do have a huge impact on the game and the experience of the fan. As you said some stadiums are filled with traditions and history while others are renovated and remodeled with new technology to enhance the visit of the fan. This is a neat thing to look at and see what fans enjoy the most.

  2. This is a fun read! Baseball has always been my favorite sport. It's only a few weeks after the World Series ends that I am counting down the days to Opening Day. My fiancé and I have a plan that throughout our life we will visit ballparks all over the nation. The history behind some of them is truly amazing. Ballparks such as Wrigley and Fenway are just a couple that are on the top of my list. These days ballparks are trying to be glamorous and modern. In my opinion, they should keep it traditional and fun, with the main focus being on the game of course. Good blog!