Friday, March 6, 2015

Nutrition, What to Shop For

We’ve all shopped at grocery stores with no list and no plan. In the end, we have spent large amounts of money with nothing to show for it, or we have spent large amounts of money with only junk food and nothing of nutritional value to show. This blog will either help you or guide you to shop smarter. If you enjoy eating out, fast food, or frozen dinners, now is the time for a change!
What to Shop For 1,2
·      Greens: Buy a variety! There is nothing worse than a boring, limp salad. Buy spinach and kale to wilt as a side dish or make them the star of your dinner plate by topping with a poached egg.
·      Potatoes: Potatoes get a bad rap because of their carbs, but really, one russet potato contains about 150 calories and lots of potassium. Sweet potatoes also have a lot going for them. They contain vitamin B6, vitamin A, Vitamin D and iron.
·      Vegetables: Carrots, celery, cucumber, and bell peppers are all great choices to have on hand. Not only can they be incorporated into meals, but you can also bag them up for a bite on the run.
·      Fruits: Apples for example are the perfect snack on the run, try them with a little peanut or almond butter.
·      Nonfat Greek yogurt: A great way to start the day is with a bit of honey, scoop of berries and nonfat Greek yogurt. This thick, creamy alternative to regular yogurt is a power player in light eating. Also, use instead of mayo in dips or creamy salad dressings.
·      Eggs: Full of protein, eggs are a go-to for any meal. A great solution once you’ve used your proteins for the week, eggs can be poached and placed over a warm salad, or scrambled and served alongside some roasted vegetables.
·      Meat: Try picking up a package of lean ground chicken or turkey. Make a healthy burger or lightened-up whole-wheat pasta dish. Ground lean proteins offer endless options. Often on sale, buy in bulk and freeze any meat you don’t use up. It’s always great to have leftover protein.
·      Grains: Brown rice and quinoa are fantastic substitutes for pasta. High in fiber, these grains are great to incorporate in any meals. You will enjoy the change.

Fresh produce is the best way to get the nutritional value out of your foods. Try to avoid canned goods as much as possible. Foods that have  long lasting expiration dates have been chemically enhanced and our bodies are not made to digest such chemicals. The same applies to processed foods. Cooking your meals is the best way to eat. Get recipes, create a grocery list, and only purchase what’s on your list. You will save money in the long run, you will gain better eating habits, and you will feel better about your lifestyle.
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  1. I absolutely loved reading this. Its very insightful and it helps a lot in what to buy that is healthy for you. And I love how you explained each one for someone to understand the importance of it in a quick precise fashion. Its easy to understand and your eye catches everything and takes in the information to stick. This reminds me of little articles I used to read in like women's health magazine and others like it. Its simple and to the point.