Friday, March 6, 2015

Oblique Exercises for the Stay at Home Mom
 The obliques are also known as “abs” or “the core”. These muscles are the center of the body which originate in the lower ribs and insert into the outer anterior illiac crest. It’s really important to keep these muscles strong because they do connect to tendons which connect to bone in the body. These muscles also provide movements to tilt the upper body either left or right and can assist some in frontal crunch. These movements are essential to everyday movements.
One of the easiest ways of toning up muscles would be to jump rope. It helps to tone the core, along with other muscles of the body, and is a good cardiovascular exercise as well.  Another good exercise for the obliques would be to do situps or crunches on a small physio ball or a bosu. Sit on the physio ball or bosu and then lean back with your buttocks against the ball and place your knees against a wall or something to hold your knees in place. You would then begin to bend backwards to where your back is flat on the ball and then to come up again. This exercise can actually help strengthen and stretch out the back at the same time.
Russian Twists is another great way to work your obliques. This is done by sitting on the ground and holding your hands together, using a weight, or a heavy book and twisting your torso from left to right with your feet off the ground helps build the oblique muscles. Another exercise would be a Standing Oblique Crunch, to do this use a weight, a book, or something heavy and bend your torso from side to side. Spread your feet shoulder width apart and then bend to the side and then come back up.
These exercises are easy to use for any stay at home mother and are very great for developing core strength as well. Mom’s do a lot of bending over, cleaning, picking up children, and just normal everyday things and doing oblique exercises  helps with those things.

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  1. This is really great! Many mothers feel they don't have the time or energy to work out with all their kids running. Working they core is a great start for them to gain strength and progress into different workouts that reach the whole body.