Friday, March 6, 2015

Teaching Teamwork through Physical Education

Being able to work well with others is something that is very important in today’s society.  Whether it’s a job where workers are required to work together to develop new products or in school where students are working in groups, having good teamwork is essential.  Teaching people how to work together however can be difficult, so it is important to start teaching children at a young age the importance of teamwork and working well with others.  Since schools are the primary place where children spend time together, this makes it a great place to start exposing them to teamwork and physical education class is a great place to practice.

A good physical education program should focus on not only staying fit and active, but also on teaching important skills, including working with others to achieve a common goal.1 Teamwork can help students manage interpersonal conflicts in many areas of life and is an extremely important job skill.1 There are some great games and activities that PE teachers can use such as “Untying the Knot” which requires students to work together to achieve the goal.
In the game “Untying the Knot”2 arrange the children into groups from 8-12. Next tell the children to stand in a tight circle facing each other, and put their left hand in the circle and hold someone’s left hand.  Then have everyone put their right hand in the circle and hold a different persons right hand.  Now the key of the game is to work together and without letting go of anyone to have the children untangle themselves.  It may be tricky so all of the children must work together and make a plan to become untangled.  This game will show how important it is for everyone to work together to reach their goal.  If students don’t like to hold hands, you could also give the students an 8in piece of rope to hold between each other.

Games such as “Untying the Knot” are fun and easy games to play in a physical education class.  It requires very little supplies and is a great teamwork exercise.  The students will really enjoy the activity and will help them to learn the importance of working as a team.  Starting students out young with activities such as these will help to promote good team skills in the future.
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