Friday, March 20, 2015

Shopping Do’s and Do Nots
One Hundred years ago, food was simple. People were not worried about how many calories were in their loaf of bread or how bad trans fats were.1 The thing is one hundred years ago people didn’t have to worry about what they were eating because they were eating real food. Not the processed and artificial foods that we have today. For some grocery shopping is an intimidating task because they do not know where to start. Here are some tips that will help you in the future when grocery shopping:
1.       Make a shopping list and stick to it.2
2.       Spend most of your time on the perimeter of the grocery store. This is where the produce, meats, and dairy products are.2
3.       If you do go down the middle aisles make sure not to spend too much time there, get what you came for and get out. The middle of the aisle is where a lot of the processed and artificially made foods are.
4.       Read the labels and make sure everything in the product is good for you. The less ingredients on the back of a label usually means that the item is better for you.
5.       Go after you work out, it will help you want to continue a healthy lifestyle.
1.       Do not shop when you hungry, especially on an empty stomach.  
2.       Do not buy it because there is a deal.
3.       Do not give into the temptation at the beginning of each aisle, this is where they put all the junk food.
4.       Do not buy in bulk unless you know you can use it all. The rest just goes to waist.2
5.       Do not buy a product if it contains trans fats, these are the worst fats that you can consume.  
Going to the grocery store with a plan makes for a smooth, carefree experience. Without a guide, you can easily become flustered and buy items you don't even need.3 So next time you head to the grocery store stick to these tips to make grocery shopping a lot easier on yourself.


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  1. This is probably my favorite blog by far. Going to the grocery store is a task I always dread. With these do's and don'ts though, maybe it will make my grocery shopping a little easier. I think the thing that gets me most is the bread isle. I have no choice but to go down that isle because my particular bread of choice is in the middle. So I am forced to pass by all the snacks that taste great, but aren't so great for you. Snacks like honey buns, nutty bars, or the snack cakes. There are days where I can walk by without a problem, and then there are days where I can't help but cave into them. This is a good read Noah, good job!

    What are some things you struggle with at the store?

  2. We've always heard do not go shopping when you are hungry and it is very true. When you are hungry you will by everything you want, whether it is good for you or not, or whether it is too expensive or not, they become impulse buys, and that is what we need to avoid.