Friday, March 27, 2015

Staying Fit for Stay at Home Pregnant Mothers with Children

Being pregnant already causes people to have their reservations about what they can do exercise wise, and a little one makes it a little bit more complicated. Exercising is crucial to staying healthy, but exercising during pregnancy is even more important. Staying healthy and exercising during pregnancy can help make the labor be much smoother, healthier recovery, and losing that baby weight is much easier and faster.Doctors make women gain twenty-five pounds throughout pregnancy for the health of the baby. However, a lot of women tend to gain more which, makes it even harder to lose after the baby is born.  Obesity can be linked to pregnancy since about 34% of women tend to not stay active during pregnancy., at least 30 minutes of moderate activity at least 4 to 5 days a week, if not everyday. The key to this is finding exercises that work for a specific mother-to-be. Some things just aren’t for everyone!

  • A good start for a normal stay at home mother would be to walk everyday. Starting out by walking 2 miles, and then eventually, towards the end of their pregnancy most women can’t be on their feet for long periods of time due to swelling and being uncomfortable. Breaking up those walks into multiple ones will do the trick.
  • Lifting weights is another essential thing to do. Most women would need to do light weights in the middle of their second trimester or the their third. This would be due to how strenuous heavy weight can be on a pregnant woman’s body.
  • Pilates and swimming are other amazing exercises. The swimming allows the body to be weightless in the water. It allows women to get a good exercise in without actually straining their body.

All women should consult their physician first before doing exercises while pregnant, especially if they haven’t already been exercising regularly. If the body is used to it then it is not near as much of a problem as it would be for a beginner. Pregnancy can be an amazing thing but keeping it that way benefits from staying healthy and fit during that 9 months.

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