Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Brotherly Bond in Super Bowl XLVII

The achievements of the fanatical, intense, and inspirational Harbaugh brothers is somewhat unique to the coaching world. These brothers have lived a coaching life following in their father’s, Coach Jack Harbaugh, footsteps.  Coach Jack Harbaugh would iterate to his sons on a regular basis ‘Who has it better than us?’ For the first time in Super Bowl history, two brothers (Jim and John Harbaugh) will be coaching their divisional championship teams (Baltimore Ravens & San Francisco 49er, respectively) against each other.  The probabilities of reaching the Super Bowl as a player or a coach are far and between.  It is no surprise kids want to grow up and be like their father and live the life that dad instilled into them growing up.

The oldest Harbaugh brother, John, finished his high school career while his father was an assistant coach under Bo Schembechler at the University of Michigan.  John  then went on to play college football at Miami Ohio. Jim, year younger than his brother John, served as a graduate assistant under his father at the University of Western Kentucky from 1994-2001. Jack Harbaugh inspired a work ethic and drive to be a fierce competitor into each of his sons; he taught his sons how to be great leaders! 

One can only imagine the pride that Coach Jack Harbaugh possesses as he watches his two sons coach on the biggest stage of the world --- the Super Bowl.

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  1. The Harbaugh parents are in a tough situation --- their hearts will be bursting with pride for one son (winner of the Super Bowl) and will be aching for the other son who finishes in second place. However, I'm sure they are celebrating the fact that both of their sons have achieved a successful professional career. It's not a Super Bowl; it's a HarBowl!!!