Thursday, January 31, 2013

Television and the Promotion of Dance

Television may be the quickest, most accessible form of communication and promotion known to man and the divot that you have put in your couch over the years will confirm this statement.  Just about every American household owns a television set that is often left on 24/7.  According to the New York Times, the average American watched approximately 34 hours of television per week in the year 2010.  With Americans consumed with watching TV, companies know that the 30-second ads and reality shows are ideal for effectively promoting a product or idea. 

Dance is a great example of the power of television.  Dance was a dying sport until it gained popularity on television.  There are many popular television shows such as So You Think You Can Dance, America’s Best Dance Crew, and Dancing with The Stars just to name a few. 

Though I am not a dancer, I believe these reality shows do a great job of promoting dance to the American population, especially children.  These shows can spark the interest of a young child and possibly jump-start their dance career.  Many talented individuals have become famous due to these shows that otherwise may have not gotten this opportunity.  Though these reality shows are mainly for entertainment and humor, it may likely lead a young person to dance and get fit at the same time.      


  1. Ballroom dancing was languishing until revived by the 'Dancing with the Stars' craze. Ballroom dancing is no longer a form of dance which appeals solely to an elderly population, rather it is a hip form of exercise and entertainment that has newfound appeal in American pop culture. Let's Dance!

  2. You are so right about these reality shows bringing back the enjoyment of dance. Since “Dancing with the Stars” hit the reality show scene many people young and old have become intrigued to take up dancing as a recreational activity, either again or for the first time. Dance is not only a form of artistic creativity that all people can enjoy; it is also a form of physical activity that many want to participate in without the thought of it being exercise. This in return can help individuals burn unwanted calories by getting their heart rate up. Therefore dance has the potential of improving a person’s quality of life. It is also true that children can become interested in dance from watching these shows. My son, who is 2 years old, is fascinated with dancing since watching the last season of “Dancing with the Stars” at my babysitters’ house, and loves to put on shows for my wife and me anytime he hears music. I will admit, for being only 2 years old, my son has better moves than I do when it comes to dancing. I plan on enrolling him in dance classes as soon as possible since he loves to dance.