Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kranking: An Alternative Way to Cardio

Like spinning, kranking is a high intensity exercise class with energizing music where an individual uses a Krankcycle.  The Krankcycle is an innovative piece of equipment that is similar to the Upper Body Ergometer (UBE) used in rehabilitation centers.  The Krankcycle differs from the UBE in that crank arm, “pedals”, are independent of each other which allows for variations in intensity of kranking. The benefits of kranking are numerous and include:

1. Improved Cardiovascular Fitness: Kranking requires constant aerobic effort which improves the      efficiency of your heart and lungs.
2. Improved Core Strength & Stability: Using the Krankcylce requires the activation of the core muscles (for stabilization) during the workout.
3. Improved Upper Body Strength: Just as spinning facilitates lower body muscle growth and definition, Kranking provides the same benefits for the upper body.
4. Alternative Cross Training Option: Do your legs need a rest day? Kranking offers the cardiovascular benefits of biking or running, while giving your legs a rest.
5. Weight Management:  The American Council on Exercise (ACE) found that a 30-minute Kranking class has been shown to burn over 250 calories!
6. Inclusion of Participants: Possibly the most unique benefit of Kranking is that it allows individuals with disabilities the opportunity to participate in the exciting atmosphere of a group exercise class.

Whether you have a lower body injury, a disability or just want a change in your cardio routine, Kranking class may be the class for you!  As of January 2010, 35 fitness clubs around the nation have added this class to their group exercise schedule.  Ask your fitness professional to investigate the Kranking movement.  Get out there and KRANK!



  1. I tend to get burnt out on running, and after watching the video on kranking, I am very interested in trying this piece of equipment! Thanks for the great information on the benefits of kranking, Jamie!

  2. Kranking looks like an interesting fun way to an alternative cardio workout. I have never heard about this before and wonder if this will stick around for a long a while or just become a fab. I love the fact that this is something that individuals that have a disability can participate in and get that cardio workout that they need. From the looks of the video it seems as kranking can be pretty intense. I would like Stephenville to bring this to our gyms for a new fresh way to get that cardio workout in.

  3. We should purchase a few Krankcycles for the Motor Lab!