Friday, January 25, 2013

Fitness: A Fresh Start to the New Year

The New Year always brings dreams one step closer to reality for those making resolutions in an annual attempt to get healthier. The two most commonly shared New Year's resolutions are weight loss and better eating habits. These two resolutions can be crucial opportunities for those working in the Personal Training industry.

Personal Trainers anticipate the months of January through March in an attempt to gain new clientele and increase their annual income. However, Personal trainers can't be complacent and wait for clients to knock on their door; rather, they have to aggressively market their services to potential clients. With so many new members eagerly participating in the gym, and trying to keep their New Year resolutions, Personal Trainers need to be proactively marketing their services and maintain solid relationships with current clients.

Fresh beginnings are what the New Year is all about; each individual has the ability to become a new and improved person. Personal Trainers have the opportunity to help others succeed in their fitness or health challenge. And, with a well-developed marketing, recruiting, and retention plan, professional Personal Trainers can increase their net worth.

It's still January, which means there is plenty of time to gain new clientele. So get out there and market your Personal Training skills while people still have a new found desire to be healthier in the New Year.


  1. Agreed! The first three months of the New Year can be the most financially productive months of the year for Personal Trainers who know how to recruit and market. However, the remainder of the year can also yield solid revenue for PTs who know how to motivate and retain clients. Stay strong, my friend!

  2. Although the new year brings in many new clients for personal trainers due to the common resolution to lose weight, I think that it is important to not only rely on the typical new years "wave" of clients. I have become a huge fan of the app Groupon, which send out coupons for restaurants and businesses throughout the city, depending on the user's location. I think that groupon would be a great way for personal trainers to build clientele, due to discounted rates. The goal is to at least get the clients interested in coming in and checking out your program, once they have worked with you/ the personal trainer, they are able to build a connection, which will hopefully make the client want to continue using you as their personal trainer. Other easy ways to promote your business as a personal trainer would be throughout social media sites, such as facebook, youtube, google+, etc.