Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Is Kingsbury’s Hiring a New Trend in College Football?

In December 2012, Texas Tech hired Kliff Kingsbury, age 33, as the new head football coach setting off a firestorm debate about the youth movement in coaching. Why did Texas Tech hire such a young head coach? Has coaching turned into a young man’s game?  Can a young coaching staff be successful?

This was a strategic move by Texas Tech and Kingsbury. While Kingsbury is considerably younger than the average BCS head coach (average age 52), he has already guided one team to the number one offense in the country and the next year coached a freshman quarterback to win the Heisman trophy. As head coach, Kingsbury has hired a staff of young (average age 34) qualified coaches. The new assistants have all coached at other NCAA Division I programs and are highly respected for their high energy coaching and masterful recruiting.
Kingsbury was intentional about surrounding himself with coaches who were former teammates; in fact, six of the coaches have degrees from Texas Tech. These coaches will have a greater sense of tradition and pride for the university, which will translate most into successful recruiting. The new recruits and players will know that the coaches want to be Red Raiders, not just using the university as a place to collect their next check.
Many athletic directors will be watching the Texas Tech football team closely to monitor if this way of thinking can be successful. So for you coaches out there, have your resumes ready to send to your alma mater.


  1. There will be a learning curve, no doubt. He'll likely struggle for a season or two but should bea good hire if they're willing to allow for some on the job training.

  2. I love the fact that Texas Tech is embracing the youth movement (if 30-something can be called young!). Coach Kingsbury has proven his coaching ability and I am sure that the Tech football program will be successful. Guns Up!!!

  3. He will have several years to be successful. As much as I don't like tech watch out for them in the next five years.