Thursday, January 31, 2013

40 Day Hot Yoga Challenge: Going with the Vinyasa Flow

In my previous post,, I discussed my participation in a 40-Day Hot Yoga Challenge.  I assumed that the 40 days of Hot Yoga would just be a physical challenge, but I have discovered that it has had a profound effect on my mental outlook as well.  As I move into day 25 of the challenge, I am focused on the unexpected benefits of the experience such as self-control; I have learned to just go with the “Vinyasa (the flow from one pose to another)” flow!
This week I experienced several things personally and professionally that were mentally and emotionally challenging.  One of the challenges I faced was to take part in a 3 day fruit only cleanse.  This was much harder than I anticipated and became not only a physical challenge but a huge mental challenge as well.  Due to my yoga practice I was able to meet all of my challenges with equanimity. Equanimity is meeting yourself and the situations you encounter as they arise without reactivity.  Reactivity is anything that takes you out your peace, your truth, your inner calmness, and your joy.  Reactivity comes in many different shapes and forms.  It can look like profanity, avoidance, tightness in the body, illness, daily complaints, and impatience to name a few.  During the 40-Day Hot Yoga Challenge, I became increasingly aware as to what stirred my pot of reactivity.  Now that I have identified the sources of my reactivity, I have been able to move in a new direction towards equanimity. 
As I embrace the physical and mental benefits of the Hot Yoga Challenge, I have been able to grow stronger in my mind and body.  What will you do to challenge yourself?   Explore your options and let yourself go with the flow.
What is available for you if you simply accept the situation for what it is and use it as a lesson for deeper growth?

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  1. I am intrigued by your blogs about Hot Yoga. I wish that Stephenville or a nearby town had a facility that offered this unique form of exercise; I would love to give it a try. Keep us updated on your 40-day challenge! Namaste!