Thursday, January 31, 2013

5 Tips to Keep Those New Year’s Resolutions

New Year resolutions are quickly forgotten when the calendar turns to February.  Promises to go to the gym, lose weight and get fit fade as the holiday excitement comes to an end. Why do people give up on their fitness resolutions?   Perhaps it is because the exercise routine has become boring or the results are not seen as quickly as one had hoped.  Whatever the reasons for giving up on those New Year promises, here are 5 Tips for making fitness fun and interesting so that those New Year wishes can come true.
1. Keep it Fresh! Try new exercises, hire a Personal Trainer, or take your training outside for a change of scenery. Changing things up or consulting a Personal Trainer can keep the results coming.
2. Partner Up! Get a friend to join you in your fitness quest. Having a close friend or relative as a workout partner can help keep you on track and hold you accountable.
3. Make it Fun! Don’t be too serious. Take it easy and just try to enjoy your exercising instead of thinking of it as a chore.
4. Set small realistic goals. Setting goals allows you to see your progress. Make your goals small and keep moving forward to the next goal until finally you accomplish your BIG goal.
5. Reward Yourself! If you accomplish smaller goals, it is ok to reward yourself with something you have been wanting.
These 5 tips can help you keep those New Year fitness resolutions. Keep moving forward and you will achieve your goals.  


  1. I am glad you posted this! Sticking to New Years resolutions can be tough and many people think they can just make it just by making it repetitive. Sometimes you just have to spice it up and change the routine up a little bit to make it interesting and still beneficial to yourself. Many people have their resolutions fail by the end of the first week! Your 5 tips are definitely tips that will help out any one who is struggling with their resolutions to go to the gym and stay fit. People also need to realize that it is absolutely ok to reward yourself with a day off or your favorite meal. Awesome post, Cody!

  2. Great tips! Finding a workout partner is so very important as a means of keeping you accountable, focused, anad motivated.

  3. I think tip #2 is an excellent way to stay motivated and plugging away at tour training goals. I use this same idea with my training. I have multiple accountability partners in which I send updates summarizing my training sessions from time to time. This helps me to more consistently meet my training goals because I have someone keeping up on whether or not I’m meeting my short and long term goals. The same goes for my accountability partners. It works both ways. Many times we use social media and occasionally take videos of our various accomplishments. This helps to stimulate competition even though we may be training across the country in different gyms. The use of social media allows me to stay connected to former training partners.

  4. I loved this blog Cody because so many people can relate to it. The idea of starting with small goals in order to accomplish a bigger goal is huge because I think that is where so many people get discouraged and fall off the wagon. We often set unrealistic goals for the time frame, become upset, and often ignore the small positive changes that are happening in the meantime. I also think it’s important for people to make changes in moderation so that it becomes a lifestyle change and therefore the benefits are long term. Realistic goals along with accountability are two very important pieces that help people got over their fear of failing and help them stick to a plan! This blog can help many people, good job!