Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Value of a Proper Diet!

In the American lexicon, ‘diet’ is considered an evil word often associated with fasting and deprivation of pleasure foods.  The term diet is also used to indicate the need for weight loss.  In reality, diet simply refers to a person’s nutritional habits on a daily basis. And weight loss/gain is merely a mathematical formula of “calories in” (food intake) versus “calories out” (energy expenditure).
For those interested in losing or gaining weight, choosing a diet with sound nutritional value should be the priority.  Consider the following options:
·         Weight Watchers – Food items are identified by point value. Individuals are encouraged to eat healthy foods because they are at a lower point value thereby allowing the person to eat larger portions. As long as the person stays within a certain amount of points per week, then they can eat whatever foods they like and still lose weight.
·         Zone Diet – Individuals are encouraged to consume foods high in protein and carbohydrates while keeping the fat intake to a minimum.  The low intake of dietary fat keeps athletes lean while the foods high in protein aid in lean tissue retention and growth. The high intake of carbohydrates allow for increased endurance during performances.
·         Paleo Diet – Consists of a foundation of meats including fatty fish, healthy nuts, and vegetables with some fruit. It can yield the same results as the Zone Diet, but has no caloric restrictions. It has been proven that the Paleo Diet can decrease health issues, increase athletic performance, help people lose weight, and improve overall quality of life.
Choose the diet that is right for you and your fitness goals. Most importantly, stay consistent with a healthy diet and exercise regularly.  You can accomplish any goal you set for yourself!

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  1. I like how you mentioned perks to each of these diets. Often when looking into starting a new diet, many websites, books, and magazines tell the consumer to “try this, not that.” This reminds readers that nearly every diet can lead to success, depending on the individual following it. This is because, as you mentioned a diet reflects a person’s nutritional habits, not just the goal of losing weight. Personally, I am a fan of Paleo, because it is easy for me to follow, since I do not like dairy food, and it is easy for me to remember not to eat processed food. For many, this diet may not seem realistic, due to lifestyles, and having to eat perishable, vs. processed foods.