Thursday, February 14, 2013

Searching for New Golf Clubs

Are you looking for the latest and greatest new golf clubs on the market? A Demo Day is a great way to check out the new golf clubs on the market.  Various golf manufacturers (Titleist, Nike, Cleveland, and TaylorMade) schedule demo days at golf courses or practice ranges so that people can test out the new irons and woods.  
Expect that the manufacturer’s salesperson will assist you in finding the right club during the Demo Day. Because every golfer’s body and swing style/speed is unique, the salesperson will ‘fit’ the type of club (head, shaft, flex, and grip) to your individual specifications.  The salesperson will then provide test clubs (irons and woods) that best match your specs. You can then hit range balls with the new clubs and decide if you want to purchase the club(s) and order at that time or at a later date.
Having clubs that are fit to you and your specific needs (lie angle, grip size, flex of shaft) will help you have more consistency. Most average golfers that play the game for recreation will have clubs that are given to them by someone or bought somewhere where they could afford them. This is fine but for more consistency and clubs that feel good getting fit for clubs can help an individual’s game.
Check out the golf courses and practice ranges near you to see when the next demo day is and go try out the new latest and greatest. Don’t forget to practice, practice, practice.


  1. It took me awhile to finally find a set of clubs i could actually play with. I broke down and bought some +2" clubs and was amazed at the immediate difference they made. Before i was always hitting with the wrong club,if I should hit a 7 iron, I would have to use a 5 iron. It was terrible. Thanks for the tips for when I need my next set.

  2. I recently purchased custom-made clubs and it has greatly improved my game. Amazing how the 'right' club can have such a tremendous impact!