Thursday, February 21, 2013

Football --- Should Women Play a Man’s Sport?

Since the implementation of Title IX in 1972, women have been given unlimited opportunities to participate in sports. In fact, women have even been allowed to play football with the men!
The Football Field is No Place for a Woman. At no time should men and women participate together in any type of sport at the NCAA level, especially football. God made men and women different; men are bigger and stronger than most women. Football is a violent sport and there is no place for a woman on the field.
Females who want to play football put everyone in a compromised situation including the coaches. Coach Les Miles of LSU received unwanted media attention because of one girl who wanted to join the football team. Once Coach Miles ‘cut’ her from the team he quickly had to explain his rationale so that he could prevent potential discrimination lawsuits. From my point of view, a female who wants to play football with men is simply trying to gain attention. There are too many ways in which something could go wrong with a girl in the locker room or on the field. What if the girl is offended by the language on the field or is sexually harassed by the opposing team or touched in an inappropriate place when another player tackles her during a legitimate play?
Equity in the Rules. Society, as well as NCAA rules, would not allow a man to participate on a women’s volleyball team, so why should women be allowed to join a football team. Women deserve to play football but playing with men is out of the question. If there are really that many women who want to play football then perhaps we need to create women’s football.
You Make the Call. I agree that women should be afforded opportunity in sports; however, I firmly believe that football should be a man’s sport. Let’s hear your thoughts???

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  1. When I first started reading this blog I put my guard up, then as I began to read I totally agree with you especially at NCAA level. I went to school with a few girls that played on various football teams and I actually wanted to try out but the coach told me no. The girls had to suit up in different locker rooms and take showers in a separate room. As they move on to the collegiate level I don’t believe they should be allowed to play and I agree, if they want to play then start up a women’s team. I believe the coach had every right to cut the girl from the team and his explanations of why he cut her were solid. Anything can happen on the field. I do believe a woman can be strong as, and maybe even stronger than some men. There are plenty of leagues that women can join. My sister actually plays for a professional women’s contact team and no matter how good she thinks she is, I seriously doubt she will ever get on the field to play with men