Thursday, February 21, 2013

No Skinny People Allowed!

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that over 500 million people worldwide are obese. Many people with weight problems may find that going to the gym is a daunting task. They may feel as if they don’t belong when they are surrounded by fit individuals. In order to help those who need it the most, a new specialty gym, Downsize Fitness, has recently opened in Dallas, Texas and Chicago, Illinois that only allows members who are at least 50 pounds overweight.  Downsize Fitness was inspired by the popular television show, The Biggest Loser, and its mission is to improve the health of those who are obese.  

To make the gym a more inviting place for the self-conscious individual, there are no mirrors on the walls and the windows are frosted so others cannot see inside.  Downsize Fitness is also equipped with specialized equipment made to handle excess weight.  The staff focuses on motivating the participants while holding them accountable for their diets and workouts.  With the expanding waist-lines of Americans, this may be exactly what cities around the country need in order to combat obesity!



  1. This is a really interesting gym concept. One of the biggest factors in people not being consistant in going to the gym to meet goals is peer pressure. Being around people with the same fears takes the peer criticism out of the equation and gives these individuals the best oppertunity in getting into a healthy lifestyle.

  2. Adding new gyms that are more inviting to overweight people is a very interesting topic that I have never heard of and I think it’s a brilliant idea. Having gyms where overweight people feel like they are more welcomed and not embarrassed getting involved in physical fitness can help individuals to not give up on exercising. I would like to see the statistics on these gyms and if it’s a greater success having these gyms opened to people who are overweight and want to exercise without that added pressure of people around them that are already fit. Can’t wait to see how many more gyms will open up and how this may change the United States.