Thursday, February 28, 2013

Diabetes: 3-Day Challenge

Diabetes is a rapidly growing disease.  According to the American Diabetes Association 25.8 million children and adults in the United States—(8.3% of the population)—have diabetes.  Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to:
·        Heart Disease and Stroke
·        High Blood Pressure
·        Blindness
·        Kidney Disease
·        Nervous System Disease (Neuropathy)
·        Amputation
Challenges of Type II Diabetes - Working in the pharmaceutical industry, I see the challenges everyday that people with Type 2 diabetes and healthcare providers must face on a daily basis. Type 2 diabetes is a serious metabolic disorder that requires difficult lifestyle issues to be addressed by those battling the disease.   Diabetes is not a disease that can be easily fixed with a shot or pill.  Patients with diabetes must be proactive in their lifestyle choices- as it relates to physical activity and proper nutrition.  For those who wish to truly beat this terrible disease, diet and daily exercise can slow or even reverse the progression of Type 2 diabetes.
My 3-Day Experience of Living with Diabetes - As part of my pharmaceutical training, I had to ‘live’ as a diabetic patient for three days.  Let me tell you, the challenges I experienced were greater than I ever expected.   I carried a blood glucose monitor to check my blood sugar and t is not fun to have to prick your finger several times a day!  I also gave myself saline injections as would a diabetic who required insulin.  Every meal was a mental chore as I had to pay close attention to all food intake and counted carbohydrates at every meal.  Although I did not experience the blood sugar highs (hyperglycemia) and lows (hypoglycemia) that diabetics encounter on a daily basis, I learned enough during my 3-Day challenge to fully realize that living as a Type 2 diabetic is both demanding and difficult.
I would strongly encourage anyone who may be at risk for diabetes, pre-diabetic, or diagnosed to please take this disease seriously and realize that you do have control over the wrath of this horrible disease.  Exercise, eat nutritious well-balanced meals, and spend time researching reputable sources for information and advice.  Take the necessary steps to take control of Type 2 diabetes before it takes control of you?


  1. Sometimes I think people read about different diseases and think or not realize this could happen to them! Type 2 diabetes is growing and can lead to unwanted risks. I think Americans should be more educated in the risks of type 2 diabetes and ways to help create a lifestyle change.

    Your three day challenge is a great way I think to really find out how a diabetic has to live. If Americans don’t make lifestyle changes in their diet and exercise they could be making a lifestyle change of living as a diabetic patient.

  2. The statistics of Americans with diabetes is alarming. If people would just take care of themselves, they would not have to live with this terrible disease. It takes so much to manage this deadly disease, and it is crucial that people take preventative steps against the disease.